Junk Free June

The objective of this campaign is not necessarily to get people to stop eating all junk food, but to focus on one aspect of their eating, or one particular food, that is a problem specifically for them, eg. bread - while this is not a 'junk food' it can be a problem for many people. 'Junk Free June' is also a fundraising event for the Cancer Society, however you don't need to participate in the formal campaign to be involved - make a commitment to yourself.

I am challenging you to consider joining 'Junk Free June', either formally through the website (www.junkfreejune.org), or informally with myself or a family member / friend, and cut out something in your diet that you know is not supporting you in your health and wellbeing. Think of the big picture - it is only a month out of your life, however hopefully by the time July rocks around you have noticed improvements in how you are feeling and long-term changes can be made.

Your body will love you for it!

(PS. my challenge is to have zero / 0 / zippo / no / nada chocolate for the month - and you can all hold me to this. My punishment if I don't achieve this goal will be 100 burpees, videoed, and put on Facebook).

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"When Jenny can see that my motivation is slipping she is very good at getting me back on track. Jenny has the ability to make working out enjoyable but at the same time still push you physically."