Pulse PT was established in 2006 to cater for people who want to get fit, healthy and strong in a private environment, with the support and supervision of an expert in the industry. You may be wanting to improve your body size or shape, you might be wanting to increase your confidence in how your body performs, or just prefer training at your own pace in an individual space. We focus on correct and mindful technique so you are gaining full benefit without injury, and pushing you to work harder than you would probably do on your own in a safe manner.

Our trainers want to help you improve your fitness and wellbeing, so you can do what you want (or need) to do in a day, and enjoy your body and what it can achieve. Our bodies weren’t made to sit on the couch all day, so let us help you make a difference to your body, mind, and confidence.


Jenny Tulloch established Pulse PT in 2006, and works as head trainer as well as managing the business.  We also contract the services of instructors for group classes. Find out more about Pulse PT trainers and instructors by clicking on the images to the right.

  • Jenny Tulloch

    I commenced my personal training business in 2006, after identifying that there were many people who wanted / needed to exercise, didn’t want to join a gym, and didn’t know how else to achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. Having been involved in the fitness / sports industry for many years, both as a participant and trainer, it is a passion for me as well as a career, and I enjoy working with busy, 40+ women who are seeking a personalised approach to their fitness. A background in human resources management has provided me with the skills to treat people as individuals, and adapt to their learning styles and personalities for maximum benefit and enjoyment. No-one and no body is normal in the world of health, and we pride ourselves on finding the most appropriate training format for each client. I have been actively involved in a number of different sports, and am currently challenging myself with road cycling.

  • Alli Jeffrey

    I hail from Canada and have been trained in a variety of disciplines that all influence my teaching styles. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and completed my 200hr-RYT (Yoga Alliance Certified) in 2011. My training at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga introduced me to the teachings of Baba Hari Dass - a silent yogi whose compassion and joy influence my style. I am currently studying my PhD at the University of Waikato investigating the lived experiences of modern yogis and how they adopt the yogic lifestyle. My classes are powerful and playful and all sequences are super-powered with love. Expect a focus on breath, alignment and mindful movement. I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from many talented teachers including: Meghan Currie, Reno Muenz, Dharma Mittra, Elena Brower, Eoin Finn and Mark Kan.

  • Ann-maree Vincent

    I commenced my Group Fitness Instructing in 2006, starting with Vibration, Boxing Bag and Circuit classes in a Womens Gym alongside Senior Upright & Active and Sit & Be Fit classes in the community. Health & Fitness has always been a necessary part of my life so it is exciting and enjoyable to be able to work in this field. My previous work experience within a corporate and small business environment gives me an appreciation of the need to participate in functional movement activity to counter the negative effects of sitting and screen work. My instructing style has a strong focus on function and fun. I hold a National Certificate in Fitness (Foundation Skills) Level 2, a current First aid certificate, and am a Certified Strong and Stable Instructor. I am a mother to teenage twin girls and enjoy attending group fitness classes, Indoor cycling and small group personal training.

Your body, your goals, our expertise!

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