Pulse Personal Training - Circuit Classes


Pulse PT was established in 2006 to cater for people who want to get fit, healthy and strong in a private environment, with the support and supervision of an expert in the industry. You may be wanting to improve your body size or shape, you might be wanting to increase your confidence in how your body performs, or just prefer training at your own pace in an individual space. We focus on correct and mindful technique so you are gaining full benefit without injury, and pushing you to work harder than you would probably do on your own in a safe manner.

Our trainers want to help you improve your fitness and wellbeing, so you can do what you want (or need) to do in a day, and enjoy your body and what it can achieve. Our bodies weren’t made to sit on the couch all day, so let us help you make a difference to your body, mind, and confidence.



Jenny Tulloch established Pulse PT in 2006, and works as head trainer as well as managing the business. We also contract the services of instructors for group classes. Find out more about Pulse PT trainers and instructors by clicking on the images to the right.

Jenny Tulloch - Pulse Personal Trainer
Jenny Tulloch
I commenced my personal training business in 2006, after identifying that there were many people who wanted / needed to exercise, didn’t want to join a gym, and didn’t know how else to achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. Having been involved in the fitness / sports industry for many years, both as a participant and trainer, it is a passion for me as well as a career, and I enjoy working with busy, 40+ women who are seeking a personalised approach to their fitness.No-one and no body is normal in the world of health, and we pride ourselves on finding the most appropriate training format for each client. I have been actively involved in a number of different sports, and am currently challenging myself with road cycling.